We will be having our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, January 17th from 7:30 am to 8:15 am.  We ask that each class bring items to help with this breakfast.

Pre-K: One dozen breakfast tacos (per student)

Kinder: ½ dozen breakfast tacos (per student)

1st grade: Assorted Cereal Fun Packets 8 count (1 per student)

2nd grade: ½ gallon of juice (1 per student)

3rd grade: Fruit (apples, oranges or bananas) per student

4th & 5th grade: 1 dozen donuts (per student)

ACE (6th-12th grade): Milk 1 gallon per student

Please send all cereal, fruit, juice and milk on Thursday, January 16th.  Donuts and breakfast tacos should arrive the day of the event. Cereal may arrive as early as a week before